Masters in Software Technology (MSc ST)

labFive years back St Aloysius College introduced MSc( SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY), a two years Post Graduate Degree programme in Software Engineering – just to enable those who have graduated in BCA or B Sc-Computer Science to complete their professional studies in two years. There is a great demand for software specialists in the Industry today. Companies are looking for good talent and excellent background in computers. Keeping this in mind we have designed an up-to-date syllabus for this course, which makes the graduates ready to join the Industry just after the completion of their studies at St Aloysius College. One more advantage for BCA students is that they need not study difficult subjects like NUMERICAL METHODS, Microprocessors and OPERATIONS RESEARCH which is included in the MCA syllabus. This programme is geared towards the Industry need, and the syllabus has been drawn up in consultation with the software industry. M.Sc (Software Technology) is on par with M Tech programme.

There is always a misconception that those who have done BCA should take up MCA. Really the MCA progamme was started back in 1987 when there were no under graduate courses in computer science. Hence the duration of MCA has been 3 years. MCA is meant for those who have no prior knowledge of computers, and hence starts with the basic subjects like C programming, C++, Introduction to comp science etc.

Those who have done B Sc(Comp Science) and BCA, hence need not waste time studying the same topics in MCA, rather it is challenging to take up M.Sc ( Software Technology) and deal with advanced topics in software engineering. This way you will save one year and also get a job a year in advance. Companies are showing a lot of interest in such graduates and have been coming to recruit them even in the second semester of their studies at St Aloysius. On completion of their studies, the graduates in Software Technology will have edge over, even candidates coming out of MCA course.

Students who join this post graduate programme will have three semesters of technical input in computers and one semester of project placement in companies.

This is highly recommended course and job placement is excellent.