Admin Block

As you drive towards the Institute, you are captivated by the sight of a huge building with the classical type façade, very similar to the architecture of the 131 years old St Aloysius High School and the Chapel, Mangalore.
It is the ADMIN BUILDING of the Institute. As you enter the building you see showcases with very valuable artefacts and mementoes, statues and other curios, all presented by Mr Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Houston, TX. It is a loving gift by this alumnus of St Aloysius College to AIMIT.

The admin block is spacious, beautiful, presentable and well-furnished. The Office of Directors is situated on the first floor of the Admin Block. It also has of a spacious conference hall with a corporate look. There is a fully air conditioned, state of the art AUDITORIUM of capacity three hundred. The conferences, meetings, programs and the college fests are conducted in the auditorium. The Institute offices are on the first floor of the admin block.

Academic Block

The Institute has a separate ACADEMIC BLOCK 1.5 lakh SFT wide. The Academic block has 18 large class rooms, six air-conditioned gallery-type lecture halls of capacity 60 each, and the faculty rooms.

Faculty presence is there on each floor, linking two sections of the class rooms. Each faculty gets a big air-conditioned room, with computer and other amenities. The walls of the academic block are adorned with priceless paintings donated by Mr Max & Jessie Rasquinha, and the ambience created is very good , and looks like a ART GALLERY.

There is also a ANTIQUE-AUDIO-VISUAL STUDIO dedicated to Mr Joseph & Latitia Lobo, again a gift by the generous donors, the Rasquinha family. The Antique room has a lot of mementoes and priceless antique pieces, a wide screen TV, DVD player, Audio system etc. Students can use this room for improving their public speaking skills and for viewing a large collection of DVDs presented by the Rasquinha family.


Library is ‘The place where knowledge reside’. AIMIT has an excellent library, 12,000 SFT in area. It is located in the Academic Block, above the computer laboratories.
The lower section of the library has the OPEN ACCESS section where students can come and read and consult books and journals. The upper section of the library is for stacking books. The library has a vast collection of books and journals. It consists of international journals, international Magazines, Electronic Resources and Books.

There are more than 74 journals in which some of them are ICFAI journals, 33 magazines, 11 news papers, 11 international journals, 3 international magazines, and more than 60 online journals. The institution is also the member of IEEE. The library also provides the facility to go online for browsing, and students can even reserve books online. The library is open from 8 in the morning to 11 pm. It is also kept open on Sundays and holidays.


AIMIT provides six spacious and air-conditioned computer laboratories ( total area 12,000 SFT ), each with more than forty computers with a advanced configuration.
A variety of platforms to implement what is learned in the class is provided. The computer labs are open till 11 p.m. Every session is managed by two faculty members.

There is also LCD facility for presentation in the lab. Various servers are setup using LAN (Local Area Network). The system administrator manages the installation and provides access to student and the faculty members.

High Speed Wi-Fi connectivity is also provided on campus and students can access the Internet and the servers even from their rooms on campus.. The WI-Fi is available 24*7 to the hostel students.

Food Court

The campus has a spacious food court offering excellent ambiance. At a time it can accommodate 250 people.
There are 22 employees working. The canteen administration is outsourced and has been offering very good service to the students. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served.

The food is hygienic and delicious at reasonable cost. There is a separate section provided for the faculty members.

The food is served throughout the day, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. There is a food card facility for the resident students.


Residential facilities are provided for the out stationed students.
The students of MBA are recommended to stay on campus since they have a lot of activities even beyond 5 pm, going up to 8 pm on week days. There are two separate blocks, the LADIES HOSTEL and the GENTS HOSTEL. The hostel offers twin-accommodation with bath attached.

There is solar powered hot water facility installed, and students get hot water in their rest rooms. Each of the hostel has five floors and can accommodate 250 students right now. More students’ quarters are contemplated to be put up in the second phase of the project.

Gonzaga Nivas

Some of the faculty members reside on campus.
For the faculty with family there is one building with six two-bedroom flats. More flats will be built during the second phase of the project. The Institute will also come up with family quarters for the married students who will be attending the one year EXECUTIVE MBA programme, which the Institute plans to start in the near future.

There is Jesuit Residence for the Fathers who are involved in the administration of the Institute. Fr Denzil Lobo SJ, the Director of the Institute and Fr Oswald Mascarenahs SJ, Chairman, MBA Dept reside in the Jes Res. which is located next to the Faculty quarters.


The Institute believes in the Latin adage “mens sana in corpore sano”-meaning, a healthy mind in a healthy body.
And thus has setup a GYMNASIUM for the use of students. It is located above the Food Court and has the multi gym facility. There is also provision for indoor games like the table tennis and caroms. Girls have separate gym facility in their living quarters. They gymnasium is open in the morning and in the evening.

Basket Ball court, Volley ball courts, tennis courts and badminton courts will be set up soon. There are also plans to have a well equipped recreation centre with indoor basket ball stadium, swimming pool and other facilities for the use of students.