Dr. Vincent Mascarenhas

Dr. Vincent Mascarenhas

Dean (International Relations ) Dept. of MCA

Dr. Vincent Mascarenhas joined the MCA faculty of AIMIT in January of 2012. He was the IT lead technical analyst in Gulf Investment Corporation, Kuwait, and Senior Software Engineer in Border’s Bookstore, Michigan, Countrywide and Bank of America in Texas. He has total of 33 years of experience in IT consulting, development of financial systems and distributed computing process development. He received his Ph. D. in Computer Science from Columbus State University in 2008. His experience is mainly in IBM AS/400 and iSeries development infrasture.

Currently, he is a professor in the MCA department and the Dean of International Relations, and teaches MCA and MBA subjects. He has been instrumental in getting six MoUs signed by St. Aloysius with colleges in the U.S., UK, New Zealand, introducing online certification courses from Santa Clara University, and getting students from State University of New York on Study Abroad Program to St. Aloysius College.

Programs attended – Jesuit Higher Education Association of South Asia (JHEASA) conference in Bhubaneshwar in October 2015.

Papers published – “The Final Divide of the Economy and its Support System” in International Journal of Computer Science and Technologies (IJCST).