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Jain Jose, an alumnus of MBA department, in his guest lecture on June 20 here at AIMIT St Aloysius (Deemed to be University) spoke on the relevance of lean supply chain management in post pandemic era. Jain Jose currently functions as logistics, customs and traffic controller of NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada. He worked in different companies in various capacities such as in charge of procurement, production planning and inventory control, vendor management, inbound supply chain coordination, lean projects, outsourcing and warehouse management.

Jain Jose explained various functions of supply chain management. It was followed by a discussion on the effect of pandemic on supply chain management. He explained the visibility, efficiency and reskilling of workers were the three factors that companies focused on redesigning the supply chain after the pandemic.

Mr Jose explained the future of the supply chain is going to be digital and autonomous. It was followed by a detailed discussion on the increasing emphasis on lean supply chain management after the pandemic. Waste reduction of non-value adding activities, continuous monitoring and improvement, forecasting based on a demand-driven approach, strong relationship with suppliers, just-in-time production methods and use of digital tools were highlighted by the speaker as the components of lean supply chain management. The benefits of adopting a lean supply chain were also discussed in the lecture. The concepts were explained with the help of two case studies. The session concluded with a question and answer session.

Vidya Bhaskar of I year MBA compered the programme and welcomed the gathering. Venisha Fernandes of I year MBA proposed vote of thanks. Vinish of I year MBA coordinated the programme.