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St Aloysius College Alumni Association

Welcome to the Alumni Page of St Aloysius College

The Alumni Association of St Aloysius College has been very active and has been organizing regular meetings and get-togethers of the alumni of the Institution. We would like to make a list of all the alumni of our college and the Staff. To be a part of our alumni, please visit

At AIMIT, Along with these advanced subjects, value added courses from the Industry certification such as Salesforce, Mulesoft, IBM, Infosys – InfyTQ, Massive open online courses from Coursera, Udemy, Skillx, etc being provided. The Online Digital Library helps the students to access books and databases comfortably at their own workplaces. The course enjoys large number of satisfied and well placed alumni, some of whom shared their experiences when they were studying the course and the experiences from the Industry front.

Mr Ashwin D’Costa
Consultant / Senior Software Engineer, KPMG & International Singer

The time spent at AIMIT filled me with knowledge, patience, and among all management abilities necessary to compete in the real world. AIMIT gave me a platform to push myself and to understand the potentials that were hidden in me. Those two years not only helped me broaden my horizon on knowledge of business and management, but also helped me discover more about myself.

Mr Anup Acharya
Retail Store Manager at Reliance Trends

AIMIT life exposes us to new experiences and things that we were not familiar with earlier. AIMIT life poses a lot of challenges in front of you. Faculty – the real heroes of AIMIT who give wings to our dreams. Our life is never a question mark when they are around us. MSc in Software Technology is really an advanced stream in IT, also which has a great exposure for current trends like Big Data, Machine Learning, Advanced Java and it provides international papers on your favorite research topics, which also helps you to stand alone in IT corporate with your heads up.

Ms Asha Hegde
Quality Assurance Associate, Digital Dwarves, Goa

Msc in software Technology is a wise choice that I had made 6 years ago. This course offers you the most updated syllabus catering to the current needs and demands in the field of IT, which is what makes it stand out from the rest of the courses. The world outside is highly competitive and the college prepares you well to showcase or present yourself with utmost confidence to deal with everything that comes your way when you are choosing your careerpath in the IT industry.

Mr Jeevan K A
Senior Software Engineer, Walmart India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

AIMIT is where to find right tools, knowledge and understanding on how to maximise your potential in order to be yourself with a competitive advantage turning your prospects into real opportunities. I joined for the programme in my 30s after having some work experience and having a long gap of study. I must say, it was the dedication and the commitment of the staff of the college that moulded me and helped me learn.

Fr Subesh Sebastian SCJ

As a student of AIMIT, I can truly say that adjusting to the professional world wasn’t a huge task. The students at AIMIT are treated in a way how one would be treated in professional forefront. AIMIT helped me mould myself into a better version of me by giving me opportunities and experiences that I’m sure I wouldn’t have got elsewhere. Also, the add-ons like ‘Principles of Management’ into the course of a tech student helped me to venture better directly with the org clients than most other tech freshers.

Mr Elvis Lobo
Senior Software Engineer, Channel Bridge, Bangalore

M.Sc. ST provides a well curated syllabus keeping in mind the current market demand for required skill-sets. What’s commendable is that AIMIT makes sure to keep its courses at par by upgrading the syllabus and introducing technologies that are most valued in industries. This 2-year course offers dedicated subject-lines such as Core Java, Android, RDBMS, to name a few.

Mr Shawn D’Souza
 Software Engineer, Cerner Corporation, Bangalore

Right after my MBA from AIMIT, I was set into a corporate world that was completely focussed on the profit side of their financial statement, striving to seize the market share from others. But, once I started my career, I could feel that AIMIT had moulded me with the right academic environment and most updated industry-focussed knowledge enabling me with the professional competencies to discharge my duties and responsibilities in the corporate world. The unique aspect that has made me stand apart from others throughout my career is the ethical managerial qualities which I learnt at AIMIT. Success Mantra of a manager never comes through books alone, but from the training and coaching that has been imparted from their institutes. I can now confidently say that AIMIT has made me a successful management professional.

Mr Jain Jose
Junior Associate, Compass group, Canada

During my time at AIMIT, I had the opportunity to work with some of the great minds. The education and culture at AIMIT helped me gain insights into vast domains of opportunities. We had a thrilling experience of creating and deploying apps to Google Play.  It was more than programming we learnt at AIMIT – soft skills, IT fests, talks and classes on entrepreneurship were all part of the curriculum. The skillset acquired at AIMIT has helped me progress in my professional career.

Ms Namratha S
Project Analyst Dell-EMC, Bangalore

Well it won’t be an exaggeration if I say AIMIT has the best environment for all round development of an Individual. A superb balance is made between the academics and extracurricular activities. The quality of education that they provide is excellent and prepares the students for competitive exams too. As I am currently doing my Final Internship at TechJini Bangalore the M.Sc Software Technology course has helped me in my Campus Placement at TechJini. The syllabus is updated with new technologies (Python, Angular, React and React Native etc).   Solving problems in Hacker Rank helped in thinking, understanding and improving coding skills.  We worked on various types of projects and preparefor the interview.

Ms Roshal Rosario
Software Engineer Intern – TechJini Bangalore

AIMIT isn’t merely an institution of learning, it’s a powerhouse comprising of highly skilled individuals who’ve made it their mission to empower young minds like us and hone our craft so that we’re ready to take the world. AIMIT offered me a platform wherein I could catapult myself into the corporate world and stand tall with my head held high. ‘Kudos to our dynamic dean and others for being an unending source of inspiration.

Mr Rizwan Khan

As I was just a graduate with very little knowledge on technology, the two year course was in itself a package of learning new languages right from basics. Importance given to practical classes changed the way I looked at programming. For me Aloysius was one of the best colleges even when it came to co-curricular activities.

Ms Shyamala Hegde
Cluster Coordinator, HDFC Bank, Mangalore

MSc Software Technology has given me the idea of what career path I want to pursue. AIMIT has many subjects in the course for example Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Data Structures etc which are the current trending topics in the IT industry. Along with the subjects we had mandatory projects which gave us an idea about the real world.  College fests helped me to mingle with other people and boosted my social skills.  College location is really good, as it is situated outside the main city. It gave us a good peaceful environment to study and work.

Ms Shravya Bhat
Software Engineer / Freelance Developer & International Bharathnatyam Dancer