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Scholarships Banner
SI. No Type Eligibility
1 Food & Accomodation Category I – Income limit 2,50,0001- annum
2 Fee Concession Scheme Category IIA,IIB,IIIA, IIIB –Income limit
3 Post Matric 1,00,0001-annum
4 Physically Handicapped Only for physically handicapped students
5 Beedi  Workers Total monthly income is 10,000 or below
6 Fee Concession SC/ST
7 Ex-Servicemen Children of ex-servicemen and in-servicemen
8 Post-matric Minority 50% and above marks – Only for Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh students
9 SC / ST Post Matric Annual income is 2,00,000/- or below, student of Karnataka state
10 SC / ST MCC Student of Mangalore City Corporation, 2,00,000
11 PG Indira Gandhi scholarship for single girl child Only  girl child/ twins  in the family
12 Educational loan for minorities Any PG  course
13 Mangalore City Corp. 7.25% All those who come under Mangalore City Corp. limits, income Rs 2,00,000
14 PG scholarship for University rank holders (1st and 2nd rank holders) University rank holders

Note: Students are requested to apply for the above scholarships online.
Kindly contact the College office for further details.