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The HR club of MBA department held a guest lecture on the topic ‘Ace your interview: Skills that get you hired’ May 9. Dillon Kenneth Gonsalves, MBA alumnus of AIMIT and the senior campus lead, Wipro Limited, was the resource person.

Mr Gonsalves’ in his presentation highlighted the interview preparation, dissecting the process into critical stages, understanding nuanced expectations of companies, meticulous preparation encompassing skills assessment and vulnerability acknowledgement, the significance of punctuality and professional presentation on the day of the interview, and post-interview readiness, including background verification readiness. His delineation of lateral hires (experienced hires) versus early professional hires (freshers) provided a comprehensive roadmap for attendees to tailor their strategies effectively.

In the interactive Q&A session that followed, participants asked clarifications on intricate aspects such as pay agreements and candidate commitments during ongoing education. Mr Gonsalves also emphasised on holistic preparation, covering company research, self-assessment, and professional conduct, showcasing the multifaceted nature of interview success.

The lecture helped attendees to understand strategies essential for navigating today’s competitive job market.