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AIMIT campus of St Aloysius (Deemed to be University), Beeri, Kotekar, has recorded 71 species of birds this year. The bird count was carried out from February 16 to 19, by 35 students from the University main campus and AIMIT campus, guided by Glavin Thomas Rodrigues (assistant professor), Kiran Vati K (assistant professor) and Dr Hemachandra (associate professor and HOD) with Hariprasad Shetty (assistant professor), Savia D’Souza (assistant professor) and Michelle Rodrigues (assistant professor) from the Department of Zoology.

Some of the unique birds sighted this year include the Indian grey hornbill, Buff throated babbler, Glossy Ibis, Paddy field pipit, Stork billed kingfisher, Green pigeon, Little cormorant, among others. It is to be noted that AIMIT’s commitment to green spaces earned it recognition as an eBird Hotspot in 2022, further solidifying its significance as a haven for avian life.

Last year, the campus recorded 60 varieties of birds and the count has considerably gone up this year. The AIMIT administration has made concerted efforts to increase the green cover in the campus. Two years back, a Miyawaki forest was created by planting over 500 varieties of plants on half an acre of land. In the last three years over 1200 plants have been planted on the campus and such initiatives have evidently helped avian friends to frequent the campus. There is also a natural lake in the campus collecting rainwater from the entire campus. The waterbody sustains almost till April and many birds are seen resting and nesting around it.