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What sets apart the AIMIT management students from others is the exposure they get while interacting with leaders working in the corporate world around the globe. One such creative venture is the ‘Alumni Interaction Series’.

While pandemic has made it difficult for international resource persons to visit our campus this year, a million thanks to technological advancement which bridged this gap.

‘Effective enterprise management: My career journey through Indian and North American Roads’ was a virtual guest lecture in the ‘Alumni Interaction Series’ conducted on December 2. The 60- minute session came like a cherry on the top for the II MBA students who are at the peak of their preparation to step into the corporate world.

The resource person, Jain Jose is a warehouse and supply chain coordinator at NTN Bearing Corporate of Canada. His resume is filled with a vast work experience in the corporate world globally. Adding to this is his academic qualification pursued from reputed institutions in India and abroad. But what makes Jain Jose special is that he is an alumnus of AIMIT.

He, being a leader with experience working in India and abroad, in his lecture could practically compare and contrast the way 5Ms (Money, Manpower, Materials, Machinery, and Methods) are regarded in India and in the West. While doing so, he inspired the students to carry an open-minded attitude, empathetic approach, and out-of-the-box thinking. These are the traits that made Indians such as CEOs of top global companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and so on, he said.

The Q&A session that followed the lecture was rich in information. Introducing the guest and welcoming the gathering was done by Roshna Kutungal and the vote of thanks was proposed by Fristen Dias, both II MBA students.

Justine P. James, Dept of MBA