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Naresh Bhat, a student of final year M. Sc Big Data Analytics has achieved great success by participating in various hackathons conducted through prominent online data science community like ‘Analytics Vidya’ and ‘Dockship’. He was placed 9th out of 21,000 registered, in Janatahack: Cross-sell Prediction, 9th in Learn ML 2021 Grand AI Challenge and 3rd out of 1550 registered in Guided Community Hackathon.

“These competitions gave me enough ideas about advance techniques and problem solving Approaches,” says Naresh.

Akanksha Jadhav and Muriel Sonal from M.Sc. Big Data Analytics participated in Data Spectrum 2020, a national level technical paper presentation competition organised by St Agnes College. They won the best paper award to their paper titled ‘Car engine type classification using multinomial logistic regression and random forest models’. “This was quite a daunting task in the beginning, but helped change my perspective towards problem solving since it gave me an opportunity to understand how the other fellow participants approached a problem,” opined Akanksha Jadhav.

Muriel Sonal said that it was a good platform to learn and know about different techniques in the field. “Overall it was a great initiative towards helping students in exchanging knowledge and getting to know about various recent issues and development in the field of analytics,” she said.

Big Data Analytics students excel in various events

Naresh Bhat

Big Data Analytics students excel in various events

Akanksha Jadhav

Big Data Analytics students excel in various events

Muriel Sonal