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A session on ‘Demand for Bioinformatics’ was delivered by Anushree Raj from the department of Bioinformatics & IT, at Dr P. Dayananda Pai – P. Satisha Pai Government First Grade College, Carstreet, Mangalore on August 26 for BSc students of different branches like chemistry, biology, microbiology and zoology.

Dr Sudhakaran T, associate professor, department of Chemistry welcomed and introduced the resource person.

Altogether 61 students attended the session. The session focused on giving a short introduction to bioinformatics, with an extension to its applications and scope. Students were also given knowledge on demand for Bioinformatics in and outside India. Ms Raj threw some light on the latest research contributions in bioinformatics. She also gave an overview on career opportunities in the field of Bioinformatics.

Students were interested to know more about bioinformatics and expressed a deep sense of enthusiasm.