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Bioinformatics students of AIMIT attended a two-day workshop on ‘Skill enhancement in immuno techniques’ organised by the PG department of Biotechnology of St Aloysius College (Deemed to be University) on October 5 and 6. Dr Santhosh Goveas and Dr Jiji George, assistant professors, department of Biotechnology served as the resource persons for the workshop.

The workshop provided students with hands-on experience in immunological techniques, including:

  • Whole blood cell count (WBC)
  • WBC differential count
  • Antigen-antibody reactions, such as immunodiffusion and ouchterlony immunodiffusion
  • Dot blot ELISA
  • Isolation of lymphocytes from peripheral blood using density gradient centrifugation

The two days of wet lab exposure gave students a deeper understanding of wet lab concepts that can be applied to computational analysis and further study. Thirty students along with Mrs Anushree Raj, coordinator Bioinformatics department, were part of the workshop.