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AIMIT mourned the demise of Prof. T Ramesh Kamath, former faculty member of MBA department on June 13. A condolence service in memory of Prof. Kamath was held in the campus where all the staffs and students gathered.

In his talk, Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ said, “It is very difficult to accept the fact that Prof. Kamath is no more with us today. The most certain thing in life is its uncertainty. Prof. Kamath was with the Institute for many years, and he was the dean of the BBA department. He was a member of the teaching faculty at AIMIT for the MBA students for many years, and last year he took his retirement. He loved his students. The legacy and experience he has left behind is an inspiration to all of us. All of us should be inspired by him by the way he was dedicated, loyal, and committed to his work.”

Dean of MBA department Dr Rajani Suresh said: “We are saddened because this amazing, courageous man is no longer here to show us how to deal with adversity everyday with a smile. Joy for Prf. Ramesh Kamath, because he always met challenges head on. Gratefulness that this life of inspiration was part of this earth for 85 years to guide, to teach and to love.”

Justine P. James from MBA department recalled Prof. Kamath’s journey by remembering the happy moments that all faculty members spent with him. “He was a man of vast experience in the banking sector and teaching. History, economics, politics, freedom struggle were always a part of any conversation with him,” said Mr Justin James. 

The condolence service was concluded with a prayer song by the choir team.