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The day 2 of faculty development programme (FDP) at AIMIT was held at individual faculty level for IT and MBA respectively on October 28. The resource person for IT Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani, assistant professor, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, NITK, Surathkal. For MBA, the resource person was Dr Sheena, assistant professor, School of Management, NITK, Surathkal.

Dr Tahiliani began by emphasising the context of the current topic ‘Need for speed: Minimise the impact of buffer bloat on IOT applications’, which was followed by an in-depth knowledge communication on how to control the delay in the internet, handle latency tolerance with real problems and how they could be solved through research and technology.

In his talk, he said that one cannot make network congestion free, but can only control the network.

“Reducing latency is one of the research areas where you can work for even the next fifteen years,” DrTahiliani said. He gave insights on current trends in end-to-end congestion control and explained the impact of buffer boat on IOT applications.

He also gave the faculties ideas on how to make assignments and course projects more innovative and interesting. He further discussed project ideas which could attract the interest of students to play the role of interns in different organisational forums, which would fetch them jobs in tern later.

Dr Sheena speaks on writing good research articles

At MBA faculty, the first session was led by Dr Sheena. The topic for the session was ‘How to write good research articles’. This session was to expose the members of the faculty to new research paradigms that will enhance research quality and publication.