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The third day of FDP at AIMIT was conducted for the IT and Management department staff on October 29 at AIMIT.

The resource person for the day was Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ, Director of AIMIT. Fr. Melwyn began the session with a prayer service.

The first session was on the topic of ‘core strength and core weaknesses’ and the second session was on departmental evaluation.

Fr Melwyn also conducted an interactive session where the faculties could share about themselves with each other. “An institution has both core strengths and core weaknesses; the institute’s strengths must be built over time through the involvement of all stakeholders, including staff, alumni, management, and others,” he said.

Presenting the modern version of the story of the hare and the tortoise, he said that we must all compete against the situation rather than the competitor. During the second session, the faculty members were divided into groups and asked to evaluate the department performance during the academic year and plan for the coming academic year.