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Dr Hemalatha, Dean IT, presented a paper titled ‘Classification of fruits and vegetables using Machine and Deep Learning approach’ co-authored Sukhetha and Raji Vinod at IEEE international conference on Trends in Quantum Computing and Emerging Business Technologies (2022), Pune, Lavasa Campus. The presentation was done in online mode on October 14. This paper was part of research and innovation wing of Techtern Pvt Ltd. through SMART-AGRO research with the project number TTRD-DS-05-2021.

Dr Hemalatha is also appointed as the chairman of the board of question paper setters for MCA – V Semester (2018 admissions) examination at University of Calicut. In her capacity as chairman, she is expected to fix suitable dates for receipt of questionpapers (with answer keys) from the members of the Board so as to scrutinise and submit the same to the university office.