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Dr Rajani Suresh took the new responsibility as the new Dean (Academics and Research) of the MBA department on March 4. The handing over ceremony began with invoking God’s blessings with a short prayer service.

Dr Dhananjaya K in his address said, “I had a great opportunity to row the ship as the Dean; but due to my uncertain health issues I had to hand over my deanship to the most dynamic and able person, Dr Rajani Suresh.”
He also thanked Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ for all his support and Dr Rowena Wright, former dean for all the support she had provided in his initial days as dean.

Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ said, “Dr Dhananjaya never let the department down; he always made sure everything went on well and on time, like the results which were announced on time; academics too were not compromised.” He thanked Dr Dhananjaya for doing an enormous job as the dean, keeping everyone together and taking care of the academics.

“We have got an able and energetic successor, Dr Rajani Suresh after Dr Dhananjaya. I assure him total cooperation to Dr Rajani to make this new journey hustle free.”

Dr Rajani Suresh in her message said: “I thank the almighty, our beloved director and Dr Dhananjaya for giving me this opportunity as the new dean. I accepted it with a certain amount of apprehension. I hope I can achieve this task through your support and cooperation.”

Divya Pereira, the coordinator of the programme, thanked Dr Dhananjaya K on behalf of AIMIT staff for the immense support he had provided as the dean and gave a flashback of the deanship journey. She wished luck to the new dean Dr Rajani Suresh.