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Dr S. Ruban from IT department of AIMIT was the resource person for the two-day workshop organised by C-DART (Centre for Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, Research and Training), Basaveshwara Medical College and Hospital, Chitradurga, Karnataka on March 31 and April 1. The workshop was aimed at giving training to the doctors about Artificial Intelligence and its tools that are available and which could be utilised for the development of Artificial Intelligence models. These models could be utilised in the community and at public health level.

The workshop was titled as ‘Disha’, developing innovative solutions in healthcare using Artificial Intelligence. A total of nine sessions offline and three sessions prior on online mode were held as part of this workshop. Twelve doctors 10 medical colleges, both government and private, attended the workshop. The workshop covered various aspects of medical data analysis and also about various tools that could be used for the AI development. This was a first workshop of its kind that was conducted for the healthcare professionals by the information technology personnel in the state of Karnataka.

Various such programmes are being planned in different places based on the need and the interest in the days to come.

All the participants have started working together for a research study as the follow up measure of the workshop. Dr Ruban was assisted by Mohammed Moosa Jabeer who works as a research associate in the Big Data Analytics lab at AIMIT campus. Disha was coordinated by Dr Balu P.S., Director of C-DART.