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Dr Swapna Rose, faculty, MBA department, AIMIT, conducted a peer learning session about her experience at the Erasmus Plus programme with the MBA faculty of AIMIT as part of the micro learning series on Aug 17. She had participated in the international staff week hosted by Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV) Spain from May 2-6, 2022. The trip was sponsored by Erasmus + which included air travel and daily allowance totaling 1940 Euros. This exercise was part of the MOU St Aloysius College has with UCV for staff and student exchange programmes.

In the peer learning session, Dr Rose shared her learning experience from her visit to Spain. Twenty eight participants from 12 countries had taken part in this one-week training programme. Dr Rose described her job shadowing experience from sessions on ‘Innovation Management’, ‘Business Growth’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ that she attended there and said that these sessions were presided over by Prof. María Gil,Prof. Javier Muñoz, and Prof. Paco Lara.

In her peer learning session Dr Rose highlighted the importance of travelling and the role it plays in broadening one’s horizons, the exchange experience itself and the ability to appreciate the other culture. She also highlighted intercultural communication, collaborative online international learning (COIL),a virtual exchange platform available for students to interact with foreign students, the pedagogy used in UCV and the best practices in education system of both the countries.

In her concluding remarks dean Dr Rajani Suresh, dean MBA, mentioned that it was overall a fruitful, learning session for all the faculty members and also opined that faculty could find out the possibility of having COIL in the pedagogy as an add on course.