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The annual Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) of the MBA department was held on April 16, 2024. The guest of honour, Smitha Priya D’Souza, managing director, Prime Tech, MEA, Dubai, speaking on the occasion, emphasised the importance of managing people and cash flow for running a successful business, and she encouraged participants to lead effectively and navigate challenges with dedication.

Ms D’Souza acknowledged the difficulty of handling both success and failure in entrepreneurship, stressing the need for hard work and determination to achieve dreams. “Embracing failure in the business world is a learning experience and I encourage you to view setbacks as stepping stones toward success,” she said.

During the event, Dr (Fr) Kiran Cotha SJ, finance officer, distributed certificates from Santa Clara University to the participants. In his speech, he called upon students to possess the ability and vision required for success.

Director, Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ shared anecdotes from the entrepreneurial world, emphasising the role of imagination in entrepreneurship. He quoted Dhruv Rathee, a famous YouTuber, who has outlined three essential elements for success as an entrepreneur: uniqueness, value and authenticity. He also highlighted how not to become an entrepreneur, citing Byju’s case as an example.

The annual Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) at the MBA department showcased expert insights from established entrepreneurs. CA Nandagopal Shenoy from Devgiri Tea and Produce stressed the importance of starting early and striving for excellence. Chakko Joseph narrated his journey from teenage cooking enthusiast to the founder of CJ’s Food Venture, highlighting dedication. Divya D’Souza of M. D’Souza Caterers discussed overcoming challenges as a woman entrepreneur, focusing on problem-solving. Shibu A. Joseph from Grace Open School and Training Centre shared his experiences in social entrepreneurship, emphasising innovation and perseverance.

The event also included a session by Joseph P.C., an IT governance consultant, who led a discussion with AIMIT student entrepreneurs. Their ventures ranged from YouTube channels to event management, underscoring the need for solving real-world problems.

Earlier, Dr Swapna Rose, the faculty in charge, delivered the welcome address, and Dean of Academics and Research of MBA Dr Rajani Suresh provided an overview of the EDP programme. The programme was compered by Ms Nakshathara, and Mr Raghavendra proposed the vote of thanks.