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A two-day skill development programme for the employees of MRPL was conducted by the MBA department on November 9 and 10.

Dr (Fr) Kiran Cotha SJ was the resource person for the session ‘Leading a value driven life’. He spoke about the power of value-based living and the benefits of recalibrating their lives and values with those of MRPL.

‘Co-creating a value-based organisation’ was the next session handled by Fr Cotha. All the participants expressed willingness to commit an approach where all actions and decisions are guided by the desire to deliver maximum value.

Day 2 of the skill development programme held on November 10 commenced with the session ‘Enhancing engagement at work’ led by Dr Rajani Suresh and Dr Annette Maben. The session introduced the concepts of personal branding and aligning the personal brand of the participants with brand MRPL.

The next session was on ‘From engagement to flow: Embracing agile’ which dealt with how participants can learn negotiating skills necessary for a dynamic, agile environment.

Dr Swapna Rose was the resource person for the session later in the afternoon. The session started with a few ice breaker activities. The session highlighted the role of organisational culture. The importance of having a sound organisational culture for an organisation and the need for orienting towards the various goals of the organisation was emphasised in the session. She also spoke on “Organisational commitment with emphasis on peer involvement and employee ownership of quality issues’. The session concluded with a focus on culture of quality and cost consciousness. An activity-based approach was used in the session.

At the valedictory, certificates were distributed to the participants. The participants expressed their satisfaction on the two-day sessions.

Earlier on the first day, Sandesh Coutinho Prabhu, CGM (HR), MRPL, was present to engage a session with the employees.