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The green audit presentation for AIMIT was conducted on October 21, 2021 for all the teaching staff, librarian, maintenance officer, office manager, accounts manager, placement officer, hostel warden, sub warden, and system admin.

Ms Sharon D’Souza, an environmental and social consultant was the guest speaker for the day.Ms Sharon has done the green audit of AIMIT.

She began her presentation by explaining the goal of the green audit which is to achieve environmental sustainability. She covered the key areas of the audit by mentioning about the college’s energy management, water management, travel and transport management, materials management, knowledge management, sanitization management and safety initiatives.

In her talk she said, “Let us live everyday by becoming more conscious of our ecological impact. Let us think about the environmental consequences of the choices we make and let us become better stewards of our planet.”

A question and answer session followed. Ms D’Souza concluded her session with a quote: ‘Do what you can do it with others and do it with passion.’