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The first session of the FDP was held on Tuesday, July 14, for the staff of Management and IT departments. The Director, Dr. (Fr.) Melwyn Pinto SJ was the moderator of the session.

The topic of the day was ‘Knowing Ourselves and Knowing the Other’. The program began with a short prayer service by the MBA Staff.

Fr Melwyn Pinto began his talk by speaking about the three Delphic maxims of ancient Greece, namely, ‘To know thyself’ (Gnothi Seauton), ‘Nothing to excess’ (Miden Agan) and ‘Certainty brings ruin’ (Engya, Para Dati).

“We should first know ourselves before getting to know the other. However, a sure way of knowing ourselves is by knowing the other. To know the other we must invest time, be patient and empathetic. For this, we need to overcome personal biases and prejudices,” Fr. Pinto said. A few activities were conducted for the staff to share their experiences and to get to know their colleagues better. In the afternoon, an inspirational film ‘Children of Heaven’ was played.