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A two-day faculty development programme (FDP) began on Thursday, September 2, 2021 for the staff of Management and IT department.

The programme began with a short prayer service by Mr Thomas CG, from IT department.

The resource person for the day was Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ, former Finance Officer of AIMIT.

FrPradeepSequeiraSJ, began his talk by explaining about Ignatian ideals and mentioned that this year marks the 500 years of canon ball experience, namely the conversion of St Ignatius.

He said that DrAPJ Abdul Kalam hadsaid about the Jesuit education as the ‘tradition of traditions’.

Fr Sequeira explained why the canonball experience is very significantand abouttheaspectof the Ignitianideals such as discernment, magis, finding God in all things and service of faith and promotion of justice.

Discernment, he said, is a method of making the right decision. “While earlier Ignatius wanted to serve the earthly king, after the conversion he introspected and decided to serve the heavenly kng,” Fr Sequiera said.

He concluded the session by conducting a group discussion activity for the staff wherein the staff was asked to discuss on various questions related to Jesuit ideals and how they are useful in the pandemic situation.

The afternoon session was conducted by Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ, where he conducted a group activity for the faculties on the topic‘positive talking’. The activity helped generate positive energy among the members. He concluded the session for the day by giving some instructions as the teachers are preparing to begin the new academic year.