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On January 9, the finance club of the MBA department of AIMIT organised an event called ‘Phoenix Gambit’.

The event had 11 teams from the finance club, each representing a different company. The task was to create a consolidated profit and loss account and a balance sheet for three years and present a merger or acquisition proposal to one of the three giant companies: Tata Motors, Adani Power and Accel Partners. The teams had to persuade the chosen company to accept their offer.

The winners of the event were: Team 01 won the second place representing- Minda Industries and the first place was won by Team 02 representing -Amara Raja Batteries.

The student coordinators were Tanvi, Shaheena, Yoshna and Amal. The judges for the event were Mr Vinay Krishna, Ms Gauthami and Ms Harinakshi from the MBA department.

Speaking about the event, Zahoor, II MBA student said, “It was a great experience for me to take all the responsibility and I learnt something from it that we should not dwell only on the current problem, because the next step we take defines our problem. And I felt that one area needs improvement which is after the session guidelines, because mistakes will happen but guidance provides opportunity for improvement.”

Another student Rohan said, “It was helpful for me to increase the knowledge as to how finance works in the real world.”

“It was a nice activity. From this we got to learn about merger or acquisition,” said Gayathri, another MBA student.