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The green audit awareness for students of AIMIT was conducted on November 12.

The guest speaker for the day was Sharon D’Souza, environmental and social consultant who has done the green audit of AIMIT.

Ms D’Souza began her presentation by mentioning the term ‘Green’ for environment which signifies ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘Not damaging the environment’. And also mentioned that “we are in the midst of climate change; our today’s actions determine the future.”

She spoke about the measures which people need to take to fight the climate change and protect the world. “First, turn off the fans or AC or light whenever you do not use them. Choose eco- friendly transport and use LED lights/natural lights.Energy conserved is energy generated,” she said.

Ms D’Souza also spoke about energy management, water management, travel and transport management, materials management, knowledge management, sanitisation management and safety initiatives.

She suggested the students to create more awareness among others on climate change and join awareness programmes such as eco clubs, eco teams and make the world safer to live.

She concluded her presentation with a quote ‘Be a part of the solution and not pollution. Your future depends on what you do today’.