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With the new foodcourt in place, the students at AIMIT now have access to fresh and homely food on campus. The College foodcourt serves an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals throughout the week. The foodcourt also serves breakfast, evening snacks, dinner and a variety of other items to hostelites, staff and day scholars.

The foodcourt facility is being managed by AIMIT management for the first time. Roshan D’Souza, foodcourt manager, has been spearheading the foodcourt management to ensure that hygienic food is served to the students.

Ron P. Roy of II MBA said that the meals at the foodcourt were very healthy, tasty and fit students’ diet. “It also has a good variety and the food is always fresh and hot.In terms of the menu, it’s nice and simple but the overall availability is really something I appreciate,” he added.

Riya Jacob of II MBA on the other hand said that whatever was provided so far was good, and much better than the previous year.“However more items would be appreciated, especially curd and buttermilk,” she said with a smile.

“The College foodcourt has improved a lot when compared to last year. The quantity served is sufficient enough and proper hygiene is maintained by the canteen staff,” opined Sooraj Pai B of II MBA.

“The food at Foodcourt is good. Some more variety for afternoon lunch is appreciated,” said Pranav Athreya V of I MSc BDA.

Clifford D’Costa, Gents Hostel warden and MBA lecturer said that there is quality and variety in the food offered in the Foodcourt. “Also the availablity of ice-creams and soft drinks is much appreciated,” he added.