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Getting into the best colleges for MBA is always tough, but deciding on which is the suitable college to pursue MBA is tougher. However, to make it easy, the finest way is to start early.When you start early you can give yourself time on preparing and choosing the best college/s for MBA that you will be spending for the next two years.

In the recent past many colleges have emerged giving an MBA degree, but one of the best College for MBA as per my opinion and personal experience is St Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology, AIMIT(Mangalore).They have near 100% placement record and they give you 100% opportunities to be placed in good companies. Isn’t that amazing? So it’s your choice if you want to just go after the top colleges or you are actually looking for an institute which can build your career.

AIMIT has the best class infrastructure, choice based credit programme and has NAAC Accreditation with A grade. They offer skill building add-on courses such as Excel, Gavel Club, SPSS, and Entrepreurship Development. They believe in empowering students with corporate ethics and governance. Every student has a mentor who guides in academics and career building and helps students in overcoming problems and excel in co-curricular activities and academics. What can finally be said about the process of making a choice for AIMIT is what Roy Disney says: “It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” Roy Disney.

Supriya M S