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IT mock placement drive took place over a span of three days, commencing on January 19 at St Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology, AIMIT. All IT students participated in the aptitude round facilitated by 10 Seconds. For the afternoon session, group discussion (GD) round was adjudicated by MBA staff. Each faculty member oversaw three-four teams. Students were shortlisted based on their performance in these two rounds.

On January 20 distinguished alumni Vineeth Lasrado, Glevita Lasrado, Aboobakar Fayaz, Mohammad Safwan, Lanwin Lobo, Shivsharan Navada and Roopesh conducted personal interviews for the students. Interviews were conducted to assess the candidates thoroughly. Interviewers then provided feedback on areas where students exhibited weaknesses, offering insights into how they could enhance their understanding.

On January 27, another five alumni – Shiny, Navaneeth, Abhijith, Prathiksha and Athul were present for the sessions. Navneeth undertook the session on interview preparation and shared insights on successfully navigating interviews and emphasised key areas of focus. The alumni conducted personal interviews and concluded the session with valuable feedback to the students. Predita Lasrado, placement officer, gave some insight to the students as to how they can improve.