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The traditional day celebration by IT students at AIMIT on February 19 was a vibrant and culturally rich event that brought together students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the diverse traditions and heritage within our college community.

Dr Rakesh Kumar, the staff coordinator, meticulously planned and coordinated and played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the traditional day celebration.

The highlight of the event was the array of cultural performances by the students. Dance performances, musical acts and the fashion show depicted the cultural diversity present in the college. Students demonstrated their skills in traditional dances, adding a lively and energetic spirit to the celebration.

Many students and faculty members embraced the essence of the day by donning traditional attire from different regions. This not only added a visual spectacle, but also contributed to the overall immersive experience of the celebration.

The celebration witnessed enthusiastic participation from students across different streams. The inclusive nature of the event ensured that everyone felt a part of the cultural tapestry, fostering a sense of belonging within the college community.

Dr Hemalatha, Dean of IT and other staff members were present.