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The Department of MBA conducted a three-day webinar on MS Excel with the theme ‘Excel or Perish’ from July 16 to 18, 2020. The staff of the MBA department were the resource persons for the webinar. There were over 140 registrations from participants across India.

On the first day Mr Vinay Krishna, assistant professor, spoke about the use of excel in day to day life and the basic excel skills that are required in the market. The session began with an introduction by the Dean, Dr Rowena Wright who introduced the resource persons for the webinar and also spoke about the importance of excel.

Mr Krishna spoke on the following areas: Excel templates using the pre-existing format, excel basic data analysis, charts and graphs and excel for day to day life – sort, freeze panes, merge and unmerge, hide and unhide, print preview, paste special, linking multiple sheets, and absolute cell referencing.

On the second day, Ms Shreeraksha, assistant professor, conducted the webinar on the topic – Excel for Business Data Analytics. In this session she explained few basic analytical tools that are available on the software. She also spoke about the importance of analytics in business, how data analytics works and how one can use MS Excel for data analytics – custom formatting, conditional formatting, data filtering, pivot table, pivot chart, descriptive statistics, histogram, moving average, exponential smoothing, correlation and regression.

In the final session on the third day, Dr Vasanth Naik, assistant professor, spoke about Excel Tools and Tricks. He said that one could save a lot of time only if one knew how to use various tools and tricks on excel. Dr Naik spoke about the following topics: Importance of tab, enter and arrow keys, useful short cut keys, adding, deleting rows/columns in excel tables and non-excel tables, deleting blank cells, conversion of csv files to normal excel files and text to column options. The session ended with a note of thanks by the Dean, Dr Rowena Wright.