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A training on ‘Swacch Devices’ was organised on July 15, 2020 – the second day of the Faculty Development Programme for the staff of Management and IT departments.
It was conducted by Dr. Ananth Prabhu, cyber-security expert, author, software engineer and motivational speaker.
Dr. Prabhu said that people need to upgrade themselves constantly as technology is ever-changing. He also said that most of the cybercrimes could be prevented just by being alert and observant.
The three-hour training highlighted the safe use of computer/mobile applications, web browsing, and email communication. It also instructed the staff on how to organise online classes safely. The staff was taught various techniques that could be used to optimise their cellular devices and to prevent security threats. “All of us will be using digital devices and take online classes in the future whether we like it or not. Hence, all of us need to know how to keep ourselves safe in the digital world,” Dr Prabhu said.