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The MDP Centre of St Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT) conducted a 1 day program titled ‘Nurturing the Nurses’ directed by Fr. (Dr.) Joe Arun S.J., Director, St Joseph’s Institute of Management, Trichy, at it’s campus at Beeri,Mangalore.

The program was oriented towards enhancing empathy skills of people in the Nursing profession. There were 44 participants from various hospitals in and around Mangalore including Fr. Mullers, Concepta, Highland and Unity Hospitals. The participants were very appreciative of the training and perspectives shares by Fr. Arun. The program was inaugurated by Fr. Denzil Lobo with a beautiful hymn and meditation session with all the participants.

Fr. Arun believes healing is a multidimensional process with physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Nursing Staff are crucial in helping patients recover from a trauma or illness by working with them towards realistic goals, restoring function, and regaining a personal sense of balance and peace. Empathy skills help Nurses become very good and loved in their profession. Fr. Arun introduced the participants to the concept of Empathy with each letter expanded into one aspect of understanding of the word. Fr. Arun helped the participants understand their current Empathy Quotient and how an exposure to this program will help them enhance this.

Mr. Rajendra Desai, Dean, Management Development and Consulting Center, AIMIT introduced Fr. Arun and the program. Mr. John Correa assisting in the MDCC, ensured full participation and excellent hospitality for the program. The program was relayed live on facebook and viewed by an online audience across the country and some from overseas.