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Inauguration of Gavel Club as the first activity under Mentoring System for I year MBA students was held on Monday December 13, 2023.

The initiation of the Gavel Club as the inaugural activity under the mentoring system aims to foster communication skills and leadership development among the I year MBA students. The event commenced with the introduction to the Gavel Club’s purpose, goals, and its role in enhancing public speaking and leadership abilities and a demo by the senior MBA students. The session outlined the structure and benefits of the mentoring system, emphasising its role in supporting the academic and personal growth of MBA students. To facilitate interaction and build rapport, ice-breaking activities were conducted to encourage networking and camaraderie among the participants.

The demonstration of Gavel Club activities showcased the format of meetings, speaking opportunities, and the supportive environment it provides for honing public speaking skills. Active participation and enthusiasm were observed among the attendees, reflecting a keen interest in improving communication and leadership skills. The ice-breaking sessions successfully facilitated a healthy rapport among students, fostering a sense of belongingness within the MBA cohort.

Clear expectations were established for both mentors and mentees, ensuring a structured and beneficial mentoring relationship throughout the academic year. The Gavel Club demonstration generated interest and anticipation for upcoming sessions, indicating a promising engagement in future club activities.

Regular Gavel Club meetings and mentoring sessions will be scheduled to provide ongoing support and skill development for the participants. Feedback will be gathered from both mentors and mentees to ensure continuous improvement and better alignment with their needs and expectations.

The initiation of the Gavel Club as the first activity under the mentoring system for I year MBA students was successful in laying the groundwork for enhancing communication, leadership, and networking skills. The enthusiastic participation and positive feedback indicate a promising journey ahead for the Gavel Club and the mentoring programme.