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Mr Aravinda Prabhu S

Post Graduate Department of Software Technology

M. Sc (Computer Science), 2008, Kuvempu University, Shimoga; M. Tech(Information Technology), 2012, KSOU, Mysore

  • S. Aravinda Prabhu (2018), Intelligent Traffic Control By Fuzzy Logic,IJSRCSAMS Volume 7, Issue 6, ISSN 2319 – 1953
  • S. Aravinda Prabhu (2018), Comparative Study of Memory Management in Embedded Operating System,IJSRCSAMS Volume 7, Issue 6, ISSN 2319 – 1953
  • S. Aravinda Prabhu (2017), An Analysis of Communication with IOT Devices Using Websockets, IJLTET, Special Issue SACAIM 2017, pp. 179-183 e-ISSN:2278-621X
  • S. Aravinda Prabhu (2015), Enhanced Proximity-Based Routing Policy for Service Brokering in Cloud Environment, IJIRCCE, Vol. 3, Special Issue 7, October 2015, ISSN(Online): 2320-9801, ISSN (Print): 2320-9798
Research presentations
  • S. Aravinda Prabhu (2013), A Survey of Mobile Number Portability approaches, St Aloysius College Advanced IT, Engineering and Management (SACAIM 2013).
  • S. Aravinda Prabhu (2013), Advanced Max-Min Task scheduling algorithm in cloud computing, National Conference of “Data mining for Computer Security” at SDM college of Management, Mangalore.