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A nine-member team from MResult Services Pvt Ltd visited AIMIT St Aloysius College (Deemed to be University) on February 2. Theteam comprised Vice President Mr Mathi Venkat, Strategic advisor to MResults Mr Ash Mehta and technical team members. The team had a brief talk with director Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ and Dean of IT department, Dr Hemalatha. This was followed by a technical session for Data Science, Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics students.

Lanwin Lobo, Director, Data Science, ML and AI, started the session with introduction of his teammates. Mr Mathi Venkat, Vice President of MResult introduced Mr Ash Mehta, the strategic advisor to the company. Mr Mehta shared his career journey and work-related experiences in the domain of data science.

The next session was taken up by Mr Mithesh Mascarenhas, alumnusof AIMIT, currently working with MResult. He briefed the basics and the technical aspects of forecasting. The session was then continued by Mrs Rani, senior data scientist. She shared her insights on machine learning and deep learning methods. MrLanwin Lobo concluded the session by stressing the importance and applications of forecasting in the real world.