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Newly elected councillor of ward no. 8 of Kotekar Town Panchayat, Ishak GI visited AIMIT campus on Friday, March 11. It is his first visit after being elected as first-time councillor.

Director Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ accompanied the councillor as he went round the campus inspecting the places which need attention of the Town Panchayat. Director briefed him about drainage problem and the water gushing into the playground during rainy season bringing garbage along. He also showed the councillor the drainage water being let out to the open drain by the adjacent building.

Mr Ishaq assured the management of AIMIT that he would do whatever was in his capacity. Many development works are held up due to the delay in appointing chairman and other officials in the Town Panchayat, he said.

Maintenance officer, Lancy Pinto was present.