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Students of MBA had an orientation on May 9. The resource persons were Fr Dheeraj D’Souza SJ and Fr Prashanth Sequeira SJ

The orientation by the resource persons commenced with session involving a discussion on Jesuit education and values.The discussions were particularly interesting to the student audience as it shed light on the philosophy of education that the Jesuits follow. The emphasis on the development of the whole person, including social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, resonated with the studentcommunity as a whole.

The second session involved a thought provoking and insightful discussion on social awareness The core idea disseminated in the session that “we see as we are and not as it is” was a reminder of the importance of being self-aware and recognising one’s biases. “This concept is especially relevant in today’s world where there is an increasing need for empathy and understanding,” said Fr Prashanth.

This was followed by icebreaking activities which were a fun way to get to know oneanother and helped to create a sense of community. The discussion on personality formation was especially enlightening and helped students understand the various factors that contribute to the development of one’s personality.  The session covered various topics and activities that taught students about personality formation, atomic habits, etc that reiterated the importance of being aware of the powers of making the tiny changes to their daily routine. 

Earlier, in his inaugural address, Director, Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ called upon the students to become leaders by honing leadership qualities.