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The fresh batch of I year students of IT department (M.Sc. Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Software Technology) attended an orientation programme on August 22. The programme began with a short prayer service.

Fr Ivan Sequeira SJ, administrator, Retreat Ministry and Treasurer of Fathima Retreat House, and Fr Anthony Derick SJ, campus minister, St Aloysius PU College, were the resource persons.

Initially director Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ addressed the students and called upon them to work hard and take every opportunity to grow as a software professional and achieve greater heights in their career.

The morning session was handled by Fr Ivan Sequeira SJ. Fr Ivan, through various action songs and group activities, made the students mingle with each other. He spoke in detail about the characteristics of Jesuit education. He said that Jesuit education forms men and women for and with others as it helps in developing convictions, analysing situations and critical thinking in life. At the end he spoke on the pedagogy of Jesuit education.

The afternoon session was handled by Fr Anthony Derick SJ. Through various group activities, Fr Derick made the students to know each other. Fr Derick’s session included the topics such as exploring college life: Possibilities, challenges and navigation;learning styles and multiple intelligence. He also spoke about the digital diet and the need of digital diet. All students took active part in the sessions.