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AIMIT hostel students went for an outreach programme to nearby orphanages and rehabilitation centres on December 2 and 9. In all, students went to six different centres.

One group of Loyola hostel students visited Link, a deaddiction centre in Padil and the other group visited the old age home of the Little Sisters of the Poor near Nagori.

Students of Mother Theresa hostel in two batches went to Paschim Rehabilitation centre near Someshwar and Snehalaya rehabilitation centre in Manjeshwar. The Gonzaga hostel students visited Olavinahalli old age home run by Charity sisters.

On December 9, a batch of 23 students visited White Doves, an old age and rehabilitation centre near Nagori.

At Link, the superintendent Lydia Lobo said that the centre had its origins as a student movement in 1991, generously supported by entrepreneur Ronald Colaco. The centre, now a registered society, has grown from 5 beds to accommodate 50 individuals, primarily grappling with alcohol addiction from diverse backgrounds.

At White Doves, Corrine Rasqhinha spoke about her personal experience of being healed and how she felt the calling to start such a centre.

At Snehalaya, the students interacted with the inmates, putting up dances and games. They also had a chance to interact with the founder Br Joseph Crasta.

At Paschim Rehabilitation Centre and Olavinahalli too students interacted with the inmates and conducted games and fun activities. Students also collected some money and made a contribution to each of these places.

Three wardens and Director Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto, Finance Officer Dr (Fr) Kiran Cotha SJ and sub warden Fr Jason Martis SJ accompanied the students.