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A session on ‘Public speaking skills’ was held by the Placement Cell of AIMIT, St Aloysius (Deemed to be University) for IT students on May 18.

Manoj Fenandes, assistant professor from the BBA department, St Aloysius (Deemed to be University) hosted the session initiating with an ice-breaker activity to energise the students and shed light on the importance of confidence in public speaking. Through personal anecdotes, he addressed common issues related to stage fear and offered strategies to overcome them.

Mr Manoj emphasised the four fundamental elements of public speaking: proficiency in the English language, pronunciation, maintaining composure and effective body language. He also interacted with the students encouraging them to speak on random topics. He provided constructive feedback on their speaking abilities, highlighting strengths and areas of improvement.

A panel discussion was also included where Mr Manoj resorted to real-life videos and encouraged student participation to illustrate the dynamics of such forums. Through analysis and discussion, participants gained insights into becoming more confident and articulate speakers.

The session was concluded on the note from Mr Manoj to not go through life the way it is, rather grow through life. Ms Predita Lasrado, placement officer, coordinated the event.