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“Education is the path way to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Many of us join colleges having no idea on what we are going to do with our lives. When you enter as a fresher, you feel like you have the world at your fingertips. We all miss out on asking ourselves ‘What am I most passionate about?’ ‘What are the strengths and skills I possess?’ Similarly, to determine your strengths, spotting your weaknesses should be equally important. However, if you find yourself struggling in a certain subject area, but your passion remains strong for a major, find a mentor who could help you out. Next is checking out which education or up to how much you should be educated to reach your goal. Choosing a proper field of your interest decides your goal.

Choosing a major may not be easy, but once you learn a little bit about yourself, declaring what you love will turn out to be handy.

Getting a degree in top MBA colleges seems like the next logical step in advancing one’s career for many professionals. The benefits of an MBA are applicable regardless of your industry or area of professional focus. However, some individuals may wonder if it is worth pursuing an MBA, given the commitment and expenses involved. For those who plan to work in a managerial capacity at financial institutions, or who have entrepreneurial aspirations, MBA can help build leadership and entrepreneurship skills required to succeed in these areas.

When it comes to career growth, having a management degree opens opportunities for promotions, because an individual will have more knowledge about management role and professionalism than the others. Moreover, most of the top business schools have above 90% employment rate. Many organisations have made it a policy to hire only candidates with Masters in Business Administration at the entry levels as management trainees. The top MBA colleges now have dual specialisation which is an added advantage. If you are in sales and marketing then you can shift later to finance or analytics thus giving yourself many career opportunities. Learning in Top MBA Colleges gives you better package from the company. Development of knowledge and career development programmes and interactive sessions are given to boost the students’ natural skills and remove the fear within.

Hence there is no age limit to pursue MBA. Over the past decade, global focus on MBA programmes has increased. It is a long-term investment and thus investing in the right place at the right time will yield benefits in the future.

By Ganesh Kaushal KJ
Reg. No. 2016048