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The international conference on Advanced IT, Engineering, and Management (SACAIM) at AIMIT commenced with the inaugural ceremony on January 10.

In his address, chief guest Dr Ravi Bhat, principal scientist and former head crop production at CPCRI Kasaragod, underscored the intersection of information technology with agriculture. He shared valuable insights on how IT professionals can contribute to the agricultural sector and stressed the importance of collaboration between these two fields.

Director Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ, spoke about the pivotal role research papers play in advancing knowledge. He shed light on the significance of research in shaping the future of IT, engineering, and management. He also discussed key points from notable research papers, emphasising their impact on the respective fields.

Keynote address

Dr Shree Kumar, associate professor at Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering, led the morning session on day one as the keynote speaker. He initiated the discussion by challenging the audience to discern the disparities between smart and intelligent systems. Throughout the session, he delved into the widespread influence of AI, citing its applications in medical image analysis, CAD, NLP, and beyond.

Notably, Dr Kumar explored the realm of reinforcement learning, exemplifying its role in robotic cleaning. He further elucidated on AI’s impact in diverse sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail, and automotive, citing the evolution of the Netflix recommendation system as a pertinent case. The keynote also provided an introduction to machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), offering a glimpse into medical imaging principles and applications.

Dr Kumar expanded beyond technology, introducing intriguing concepts like the “5 Koshas,” Pancha Maha Prana, Kundalini, Kirlian Photography, neurological disorders, and the novel application of aura photography in disease identification.

In the afternoon Dr Vijay Bhasker Reddy Kandula, associate professor, University of Utah, USA made a presentation covering the definition of biomedical and health informatics, with a focus on the growing field of data science. He discussed various types and uses of health data, highlighting the value of clinical informatics and emphasising the importance of digitalised healthcare.

Dr Kandula also introduced specific tools like Abha Card and Personal Health Records (PHR), and elaborated on the mission of Ayushman Bharath Digital and UHI, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare informatics.

Second day

On the second day of SACAIM, Dr Debasish Ghose, professor, Kristiania University, Norway. spoke on the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIOT) in physiological biomarker monitoring. His presentation delved into the extensive applications of AIOT in healthcare, providing a comprehensive overview of its potential impact on the industry.

Dr Ghose elaborated on the innovative applications of AIOT, particularly in healthcare, shedding light on its transformative effects on physiological biomarker monitoring. He also touched upon concepts such as stay safe technology and roommate sensors which can significantly contribute to improving healthcare outcomes.

The SACAIM conference was held in a hybrid mode for two days on January 10 and 11. As many as 96 papers were presented offline and 41 papers presented online.

Dr Hemalatha, Dean, IT welcomed the gathering. Ms Annapoorna and Dr Rakesh Kumar from the IT department coordinated the conference.