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The Second Semester students of PG Software Technology together with Srinivas B. L. DrS. Ruban, from the department attended a workshop on Digital Health at Father Muller Medical College (FMMC), Mangalore on May 17, 2023.

DrSanjeev Rai, chief research officer, FMMC, talked about the need and usage of technology in medical field and the recent tools that are needed for digital health.He also spoke on what is telemedicine, HER,how smart-watch helps in detecting heart rate, and how patients record is stored. He said that during Corona times, their team created a google form to find out where the beds are available in Mangalore which helpedpatients. He also discussed the healthcare projects like AliveCor, Babylon Health, Omada Health, Patients like me, MySugar which were made by their students.

The second session was by Dr Achal Shetty, who gave a brief introduction about Artificial Intelligence. He said that Stethoscope was a breakthrough and spoke about how world wide web(www) had impacted the global healthcare. He discussed about how Artificial Intelligence is used in healthcare, how the technology relates tothe medical field, how cancer is detected using Artificial Intelligence, about the augmented reality, about the project tango/AR core, and many more case studies.

DrLulu Sharief from the Father Muller Simulation and Skill Centre gave a guided tour to the mannequins available in the Simulation and Skill Centre. The advantage of using the mannequin for healthcare training and how IT is useful in this training were also elaborated.

Following this interaction, all the students of MSc Software Technology course will be working with doctors from FMMC on real time healthcare projects.