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St Aloysius College (Deemed to be University), AIMIT, Beeri campus will introduce MSc in Data Science from the year 2022-23. Students who have a science degree with mathematics, computer science and statistics are eligible to take up this course.

What is Data Science
It is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured, and unstructured data, and apply knowledge from data across a broad range of application domains. It deals with vast volumes of data that are analysed using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions.

Why Data Science in AIMIT
Data Science is an essential part of many industries today, given the massive amounts of data that are produced, and is one of the most debated topics in IT circles. Its popularity has grown over the years, and companies have started implementing data science techniques to grow their business and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Become a Data Scientist?
Why should you pursue data science as your work-field? According to Glassdoor and Forbes, demand for data scientists will increase by 28 per cent by 2026, which speaks of the profession’s durability and longevity in the career of data scientists.

Opportunities in Data Science

Data Scientist

  • Should determine what the problem is, what questions need answers, and where to find the data. Also, they mine, clean, and present the relevant data.

Data Analyst

  • They bridge the gap between the data scientists and the business analysts, organising and analysing data to answer the questions the organisation poses.

Data Engineer

  • They focus on developing, deploying, managing, and optimising the organisation’s data infrastructure and data pipelines. Engineers support data scientists by helping to transfer and transform data for queries.

Industry Collaboration
Data Science at AIMIT will run in collaboration with MResult, a leading data science company in Mangalore. With an MOU signed between AIMIT and MResult, students will be offered internships and job opportunities after the completion of their course.