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Lanwin Lobo, Associate Director, Data Science, MResults Pvt Ltd, Mangalore, interacted with Big Data Analytics students of AIMIT here on February 17. The session was titled ‘Technologies for Data Science.’

In his address, Mr Lobo shared his experience and journey towards data science. He briefed about the skillsets that the industry expects from students and also regarding the programming languages they are expected to learn and know. Programming languages like Python, JavaScript, R, PySpark, Hadoop and Spacy were recommended to learn.

Mr Lobo also spoke about the current industry trends and highlighted a few upcoming technologies which would soon rule the market.One among them isJulia programming language. He encouraged students to use various platforms like AWS Management, Docker, Kubernets, Micro Service setc. that provide study material and practice consoles in order to improve their skills. YouTube channels like Stat Quest was recommended to students hailing from non – statistics background to improve their statistical skills such as Data Preparation and Data Cleaning. He stressed the need to be very clear with the aspects that the students were learning and give importance to Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, PEP8 and date and time functions. Platforms like openCV, Dask, PyCaret, Kedro and DBT were introduced in order to perform analysis on huge datasets.

The session was organised through the departmental association called ‘Analytics Club’ which hosts various events and conducts interactions with industry personnel to enhance the analytic skills among students.

Earlier, Malani, a student of the I Sem Big Data, introduced the speaker. Laveena Crasta, HOD, Dept of Big Data Analytics, welcomed the gathering.