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On June 17, MACARIOS hosted the Three Musketeers Intra-Collegiate Competition, which was a successful event that showcased the managerial talents of the participants. Twelve teams participated in two rounds of assessing their HR, Finance, and Marketing expertise in a quiz and a treasure hunt. They were followed by a final round in which teams presented the business concepts to an investor-like panel of judges. The competition had twelve teams with three competitors each.

Mr. Deril Dsa, Mr. Sampreeth Monteiro, and Mr. Vishal Pinto, all first-year MBA students, made up the winning team. They impressed the judges with their in-depth knowledge of HR, Finance, and Marketing issues as well as their remarkable abilities and innovative business plan. The winning team received an award from the dean, Dr. Rajani Suresh, in appreciation for their exceptional accomplishment.

The Three Musketeers competition was organized by Makarios members Ms. Bhoomika, Mr. Ashton Veigas, and Mr. Rynal Levin Dsouza, who did an excellent job organizing and carrying out the event.