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The MBA department of AIMIT conducted a webinar on MS excel with the theme ‘MS Excel for everyday life’ on September 17. Over 90 participants registered for the webinar. In-house faculty of the department Mr Vinay Krishna was the resource person.

The session began with the introduction by Dr Pooja Nagpal, coordinator for the programme. She spoke about the need of excel in day today life and introduced the resource persons to the participants.

Mr Krishna covered the following topics;

  1. Excel Templates use the pre-existing format.
  2. Excel basic data analysis.
  3. Charts and graphs.
  4. Excel for day to day life – sort, freeze panes, merge and unmerge, hide and unhide, print preview, paste special, linking multiple sheets, absolute cell referencing.
  5. Pivot table and heat map

The session ended with question answers and vote thanks.