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The Department of IT, in collaboration with the Placement Cell, organised a day’sworkshopon July 27 aimed at equipping students with essential skills for facing interviews and improving their employability prospects.

The event featured a range of insightful sessions conducted by outgoing students who shared their interview experiences and provided guidance to prepare the attendees for upcoming interviews.

Outgoing students who had secured placements in reputable companies shared their interview experiences, offering practical advice and guidance to help their juniors navigate the challenging interview landscape.The sessions covered a wide range of topics, including possible interview questions, recommended programming languages like Java, HTML, and Python, an overview of company work culture, and platforms for enhancing aptitude and soft skills.The experience sharing session conducted by successful outgoing students helped the participants to prepare effectively for upcoming interviews.

The sessions were conducted by Hansel Priston Lobo,Anston Joachim D’Cunha, Prathamesh Pai, Flami D’Costa, Cleona, Melroy D’Souza, Jovish D’Souza and Rachana Martis,trainer and placement officer, AIMIT.