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To commemorate World Environment Day, theEco Club of AIMIT, St Aloysius College (Deemed to be University) held a campus cleaning drive on June 5. Mrs. Manimozhi R, Mrs. Sumitha Achar and Mrs. Divya Pereira. MBA and IT students actively participated in cleaning the college campus in large number.

In his message, Dr (Fr) Melwyn Pinto SJ, Director AIMIT, asked students to be conscious of the need to conserve and preserve the environment. Mrs Manimozhi from IT department highlighted the need of taking active participation in eco club activities.

Ashston Veiga, a student of II MBA and secretary of Eco Club briefed about various activities of theClub in the year 2022. Mrs Sumitha Acharinvited the students to take initiative in the eco club activities and requested them to take voluntary participation in all the activities of eco club. She also formed various groups for the first activity of campus cleaning.

Mrs Manimozhi R, Mrs Sumitha Achar and Mrs Divya Pereira led the groups for the campus cleaning. They ensured that students understood their responsibilities and provided them with necessary resources and equipment.Equipped with gloves and trash bags, students actively engaged in the cleaning drive. Divided into teams, they covered different areas of the campus. Through collaboration and teamwork, students carried out their cleaning tasks, demonstrating a sense of unity and responsibility.